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Helpful Tips from Horse Owners

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Organic Cowboy - Biological Fly Control

Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers:

Stable Management Practice

I cannot imagine ever having horses without using fly parasites and don't understand why it isn't standard stable management practice!
– Odessa M.

Our Standard Approach

Fly parasites have the cornerstone in our fly control program for over 30 years.
– David Freelove, Cimarron, Kansas

Relief at Last

Our little “fly wasps” make the difference every season. Before we started our program we always used chemicals to control flies. This is so much safer and easier.
– Sue Trayler, Nederland, Colorado

It Makes a Real Difference

Our facility needs to be clean and fly free for our boarders, the public and trainers. That’s why we use fly parasites for the last ten years.
– Judy, Table Mountain Ranch

We Like It Without Flies

It’s a lot more fun without flies and the fly parasites make that possible. We have a stables and nearby pasture. The kids are happy, Mom is happy and so are Patches and Sadie.
– Brian Boone, Steamboat, Colorado

Fly Control Is Important for our Equine Facility

Our indoor/outdoor riding and boarding facility must quality fly control. It’s been simple because we get the fly parasites every week during the season, and we know right where to go with them.
– Steve Haight, Naperville, Illinois